Guga (Giorgi) Sikharulidze

In 2019 Guga Sikharulidze established department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Georgian American University (GAU)
In 2018 he become a member of NATO The Science for Peace and Security Programme expert group: Risk Management of Terrorism Induced Stress - Guidelines for the Golden Hours.
In 2018 he got his Ph.D. Dr.P.H. degree in Public Health, for his project of military mental health services in the Ministry of Defence of Georgia.
Since 2005, after finishing the internship in Psychiatry Guga Sikharulidze has been actively involved in outpatient, as well as inpatient treatment. He is one of the founders of the first private mental health center (since 2007). Since 2017 he is the founder of Stress management and MH center.
He is doing his second  Ph.D. degree at Leiden University (Netherlands) since 2015. His research focus is on post-traumatic stress disorder and psychological problems associated with it.
In 2013 he designed a project for developing a military psychology system, which was approved and since 2014 he headed the department of Psychological Selection and Monitoring in the Ministry of Defence of Georgia. The project involved assessment, assistance, treatment, and rehabilitation of the military personnel. Other successful initiatives of his department were: implementation of a psychological HR system, starting scientific research, psychological education and suicide prevention programs.
Guga is a member of ESTSS (European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies) and the author of more than 20 scientific publications. More information

Nana Mamulashvili

After finishing the theoretical and practical qualification course at psychology faculty and patho-psychology laboratory in 1986 Nana has been involved in psychotherapy. At the same time, she started working in the field of psych diagnosis and pathological psychology. Since 1989 Nana has been actively involved in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (a psychotherapist in 9th April victims’ organization).
Since 1990 she has been a founder of the first sexology center in Georgia -“Liga”, where she has treated sexual problems caused by psychological issues. Since 2008 Nana has been a psychologist/psychotherapist in a private mental health center.
In 2014 she became the head of psychological selection and monitoring division in the Ministry of Defence. She also actively participated in the suicide prevention project.
Since 2017 Nana has headed the psychotherapy direction in Stress Management and Mental Health Center.
She participated in 2 training courses for EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), which was conducted by Dutch specialists for the first time in Georgia. Nana included this method in treating PTSD and different kinds of phobias.
With the help of American specialists, she learned PET (Prolonged Exposure Therapy), which is particularly effective for treating stress-related disorders, as well as phobias. More information

Sopo Salia

Since 2006, when Sopo Salia finished Tbilisi Medical Academy internship in psychiatry, she has been actively involved in clinical psychiatry, in inpatient, as well as outpatient treatment. She has a very good experience working with patients with different kinds of psychic/psychological problems. More information

Sopho Kokolishvili

Psychologist/Art therapist
Based on the theoretical knowledge and practical experiences which she has been able to gather since 2008 until today, she can evaluate the client/beneficiary’s needs and risks. Based on the assessment she can make recommendations for a multidisciplinary team.
She can also do an individual and group Art therapeutical work due to the individual’s needs. Today she has a nine-year experience in theoretical knowledge and in practical work with a multidisciplinary team:
  • People with mental health problems (2008 - present)
  • With juvenile convicts (2010 - 2012)
  • With people affected by the war (2008)
  • Early development (with children) (2009 - present)
  • With disabled children and their parents (2013 - present)
She actively engages in a psycho-diagnostic evaluation of children, adolescents, and adults. Based on an individual assessment she creates an individual rehabilitation plan which is interesting, successful and correctional for a beneficiary’s needs. She is actively involved in professional development training programs, which give her personal impressions and experience for her successful professional activities. More information

Nino Zakharaia

More information

Mariam Mamrikishvili

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