In our center we actively use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), is the most efficient method for treating post-traumatic stress disorders nowadays.

The above psychotherapeutic method was first brought to Georgia in 2015 by Dutch specialists (Walther Van Lieshout, Rianneke van der Gaag). There were 2 stages of training. The first stage involved adoption of the method and the second stage involved analysis of the therapeutic sessions carried out by us, and assessment of their effectiveness. Since then psychologist Nana Mamulashvili has been using the method for treating post-traumatic stress disorder. The advantage of the method is its rapid efficiency (4-6 sessions). Such a short period is enough for high-quality treatment with stable results. Our center uses the most recent device (EMDR Kit 2_2017), which increases comfortability and efficiency of the method.

Below is a short definition of post-traumatic stress disorder:

PTSD is caused by excessively traumatic factors such as war, natural disasters, violence, torture, cruelty in the family. PTSD is characterized by recurring emotional memories of the traumatic event, avoidance of the situations which are associated with the traumatic situation, blaming oneself or others for what happened, recurring nightmares connected to the stressful event. Sometimes a person with PTSD might behave or feel as if the stressful event was repeating, they might experience physical reactions (e.g. Tachycardia, problems breathing, or sweatiness) while remembering the traumatic event, or they might avoid thinking or talking about it. People with PTSD have excessively negative perception and expectations towards other people and the world around.