Treatment program for gambling addiction

In our mental health center, we work on gambling addiction (Ludomania) treatment and rehabilitation of the patients who suffer from it.

The program in question involves active participation of a doctor, a psychotherapist and an art therapist in the process of treatment.

Ludomania has become a very problematic issue in Georgia for the last decade. Because of the gravity of the problem, only a complex approach to treatment gives more probability of it being solved. Due to the fact, based on international guidelines a special program was designed. Our specialists have a good experience of working with gambling addicts.

Brief information about gambling addiction:

  • A constant excessive desire to spend a long time at casinos and other gambling houses
  • A confined range of interests – losing interest in anything else but gambling
  • A ludo maniac’s brain is mostly occupied with thinking about the games, imagining different combinations related to them
  • Reduced willpower, loss of control.
  • In case of voluntary or involuntary discontinuation of gambling appearance of severe psychological symptoms, such as irritability, tenseness, anxiety, sleeplessness
  • Loss of rational control on stakes while increasing them, followed by financial, family and social problems.