About us

ClinicStress Management and Mental Health Center started functioning in 2017.

The aim of the center is to implement and develop the highest international standards of mental health care in Georgia.

To reach this aim professional conscientiousness, high standards, long experience, individualized approach and maximum security/comfortability of treatment are necessary.

The center provides treatment and management of any kind of psychological and mental problems
  • The priority direction of the center is stress and stress-related problems – anxiety, depression, sleeping disorders, phobias, behavioral disorders, adaptation problems, social phobias, eating disorders and gambling addiction.
  • Personal disorders (psychopathy)
  • The center treats and rehabilitates from such Psychotic disorders as schizophrenia, chronic delusional disorder, organic mental disorders, psychic disorders developed during dementia (Sclerosis).

We have a variety of services which are completely integrated with each other. Thus we facilitate restoration of a person’s “Emotional well-being” and social functioning.

The quality treatment is provided by leading psychiatrists and psychologists in Georgia with long experience of working in this direction.

Guga SikharulidzeThe founder of the center is Guga (Giorgi) Sikharulidze, Psychiatrist/Ph.D., with many years of experience in clinical, scientific and pedagogical activity. Guga Sikharulidze is a co-founder of the first private mental health center in Georgia.

Psychotherapy and psych rehabilitation direction of the center is under the supervision of psychologist-psychotherapist – Nana Mamulashvili, who has good experience of working in psychotherapy, psych diagnostics and sexology.

Day clinic inpatient treatment is under the supervision of Psychiatrist – Sopo Salia, who is highly experienced in this direction.

The services are following the Stress Management and Mental Health Center:

The center collaborates with the leading clinics and medical centers in Georgia.

Beneficiaries of the center are consulted by leading doctors of different profiles as summoned specialists.

The priority of the center is a scientific direction as it collaborates with local, as well as internationally recognized scientists and universities.

The center facilitates constant qualification development of its staff.

There are educational opportunities for psychology students and specialists as well.